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Procedure of Divorce by Mutual Consent

A mutual consent divorce is a divorce when both the parties, husband and wife, agree to end their marriage. In this kind of divorce, the spouses themselves decide on what terms and conditions they want to end their marriage. They decide child custody and separate other stuff mutually. This is one of the easiest and fastest divorces.
However, spouses need to meet certain conditions in order to file a petition for a mutual divorce. The following are the conditions that must be satisfied for filing a mutual divorce.
Husband and wife must live separately at least for a year.
Both must agree to end the marriage.
Spouses must agree that their marriage has collapsed.
Spouses must not be under any undue influence, fraud, or threat.
The procedure of divorce by mutual consent is pretty straightforward; however, you can get in touch with M/s Shiv and Pathak Juris Law Firms to get legal assistance.



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